The first global program for cellular agriculture technologies and fermentation techniques in the alternative food industry.

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  • The first global program
    for cellular agriculture technologies and fermentation techniques in the alternative food industry.

    Mylkcubator skyrockets with a new version: More than Mylk!

Building the future of alternative food together.

At Pascual Innoventures, we’re thrilled to expand our focus in the upcoming third edition of “MYLKCUBATOR: More than Mylk”. We’ll include more areas we already work on with the aim to support additional domains that match our vision for a sustainable and impactful future.

The Disruption of the Alternative Food Industry.

We are looking for technological advances in the fields of cellular agriculture and fermentation techniques that are generating a disruption in the agri-food system.

The Program

Mylkcubator: More than Mylk aims to support highly innovative startups specializing in the transformation of the food value chain, not only for the production of Alternative Dairy but also for Alt. Egg, Coffee, Lipids, Cocoa, Sodium & Sweetener Replacements, and Functional Ingredients.

Our work plan is structured around the following areas:

Scientific development

Feasibility Evaluation R&D Map
Analyzing process

Business development

Feasibility Evaluation Business Map
Business Models
Revenue&Cost structure


Patents and Intellectual Property

Marketing and Communication

Key aspects
Revision of individual Marketing and communication plan

Pitch Revision and improvements

Individual meetings with VC Experts
Revision of Pitch
Rehearsal sessions to prepare Demo Day

  • Call Launch


    October 2023

  • Selection Phase

    Oct-Dec 2023


    Selection Phase

  • Programme Phase


    Mar. 2024 - Sep. 2024

  • Demo Day

    Oct 2024


    Demo Day

The Areas of Interest

Sharing Knowledge

Without disregarding the most disruptive technologies applied to the generation of biosynthetic dairy products, Mylkcubator: More than Mylk aims to investigate new technologies that have an impact on verticals of tangential interest:

Alt. Egg

We’re seeking cutting-edge technologies that encompass precision fermentation for proteins, innovative applications of algal proteins, pioneering approaches using fungal fermentation and ingenious plant protein mixture formulations.

Alt. Coffee

We’re on the lookout for advancements such as coffee processing robotics, creative plant-based blends for coffee-like flavours, genetic editing for improved coffee bean properties, coffee waste repurposing, and valuable compound extraction.

Alt. Lipids

We’re interested in yeast fermentation for dairy fat, Omega-3 microencapsulation, slow-release healthy fats, fat cell cultivation, fermentation of plant by-products for biomass and lipid separation, and precise CO2 fermentation for lipid production.

Alt. Cocoa

In the Alt. Cocoa category, we’re looking into techniques like oat and vegetable fermentation, lab-grown cocoa cell cultivation for cellular agriculture, and the utilisation of cocoa fruit residues to create beverages.

Sodium and sweetener replacements

We’re exploring technologies like the development of natural sweeteners from plant proteins, utilising fermentation to cultivate specific fungi strains, and creating blends with compounds such as stevia, erythritol, or xylitol.

Functional ingredients

In the Functional Ingredients category, we’re delving into precision fermentation, enzyme advancements, exosome extraction from milk whey, functional ingredient development with RNA technology, and design using proteomics and computational biology.

Sharing Values

We are facing global challenges that can be disrupted thanks to bold visionaries that, like us, really care about the planet and our society by creating a solid impact on people’s food habits.

The Real Deal

Speed up your project and close the distance between your idea and market needs!!
Our program will provide your committed team with everything you need to thrive in the cellular agriculture industry, from knowledge to facilities and a global ecosystem.


Meet highly specialised professionals from the Pascual team and partner’s network. We will transform science into business together.

R&D Support

Access to European first class R&D technologies, teams and facilities from anywhere. Making prototypes, pilot testing and scaling.


Gain visibility thanks to the program’s global reach. Market knowledge, internationally recognized mentors and worldwide events.


Be ready to pitch the project during the demo day to business angels, entrepreneurs, corps and VCs!!

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

About Us

Pascual is a family-owned business established in Spain in 1969 that operates primarily in the food and beverage sector, with a range of over 200 products, 6 plants, 27 local offices and over 2,200 employees across 63 countries in which it operates.

Pascual Innoventures is the open innovation arm of Pascual, and immerses itself in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to create alliances with startups that share the same philosophy; anticipating global food needs and giving back to society.

We are in this intergalactic journey together with a leading strategy partner, like Eatable Adventures, and a technology partner, like CNTA, to provide world class knowledge supported by excellent facilities accessible from anywhere.


Discover the exceptional startups that have been carefully selected in previous editions of the MYLKCUBATOR program, showcasing the peak of entrepreneurial talent and innovation in the dairy industry.

2nd Edition


1st Edition



Leading funds investing in startups working on technologies for developing protein alternatives in the agri-food sector, such as Blue Horizon, Unovis or Ninepointfive, a venture capital fund specialised in leveraging corporate acceleration, will also monitor Mylkcubator’s technological developments to advise these startups and look for future collaboration opportunities to maximize the potential of their projects.


Mylkcubator is a program launched by Pascual Innoventures that aims to support highly innovative startups specialising in transforming the food value chain. In this new edition, our focus has expanded beyond dairy products to encompass a broader range of research, including cellular agriculture for alternative food production.

Mylkcubator aims to support innovative projects developing technological advances in the fields of cell cultures and fermentation techniques that are generating a disruption in the agri-food system.

Mylkcubator program offers an intense learning tailor-made experience, meeting highly specialised professionals from Pascual team and partners’ network, giving access to European first class R&D technologies from anywhere.

The program offers the opportunity to engage in various collaboration models, ranging from sweat equity and CAP, to commercial agreements, co-creation, technology licensing, investment, and industrial scale-up.

Mylkcubator: More than Mylk is looking for the most outstanding and cutting-edge technologies, ingredients, products and services capable of addressing the challenges raised, developing their value proposals in the same business area as Innoventures and adding scalable business models that are unequalled in the market.

After reviewing the eligibility criteria just apply by clicking on the “Apply and Lift Off” button and follow the next steps filling the registration form with all the information required. Filling out all the information in the registration form before the end of selection phase will officialize the application.

The evaluation criteria applied to startups to be applied are as follows:

  1. Innovation criteria as regards the technology, business model, product or service
    • Value proposition
    • Level of innovation and differentiation of the business model of the relevant product or service with respect to current competition
    • Application of technology, intellectual property and patents
  2. Criteria concerning the team
    • Clear skills and abilities to ensure the success of the project
    • Background of the team
    • Social skills to develop a contact network
    • Knowledge of the industry and/or the scope of the project
    • Commitment and dedication of the team towards the project
  3. Business criteria
    • Market potential: scalability and profitability
    • Go-to-market strategy
    • Social and financial impact of the project
    • International scope

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